The Modern Spice Routes


The Cultural Impact and Economic Opportunity of Cross-Border Shopping




Throughout history, trade has influenced culture. When the traditional spice routes were first established between Europe, India, Africa and the Middle East, when we exchanged goods, we also shared language, knowledge, food etc. In short - culture.

This type of importing and exporting – or cross-border shopping – is common today. And we now see savvy consumers using the Internet to buy directly from merchants all over the world. This is creating the emergence of modern spice routes that could start to influence cultures in the same way the spice routes did.

PayPal has commissioned Nielsen research to better understand the rise of cross-border shopping by analyzing the activity and behavior of over 6,000 consumers in six major markets who shopped directly online from overseas websites over the past 12 months. Here is what we discovered about the modern spice routes.

Please click here to download the global factsheet for a summary of our research results.

If you would like to get deeper insights into the behavior of 94 million cross-border shoppers in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, China and Brazil this year, or would like to get more data on the economic opportunity for businesses everywhere to tap into this USD105 billion cross-border shopping market today, please fill out the short form to download PayPal’s “Modern Spice Routes: The Cultural Impact and Economic Opportunity of Cross-Border Shopping” report.

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